[New TOURNEY] Cell Games By {U.E.F}

  • For those players who are here (In case they still play SWBF1), im informing u, that Unleashed Elemental Forces Clan is organising a tourney called Cell Games.
    The rules and all information (for those who are interested) are in this page: www.cellgames.uef-clan.com
    If u have any question feel free to add either ACE (ace26) or me (anyder21) on Xfire.

    To simplify, mods are stored in LVL file format, and hacks are EXE format (Mods = LVL, Hacks = EXE). If this definition is too difficult for the reader to comprehend I feel sorry for you. Both mods and hacks may sometimes be considered cheats, there are likewise instances wherein neither mods or hacks are considered cheats.